Been in Lisbon for two days now, mainly going to the brilliant “Barrairo Rocks” garage rock festival. This involves getting a ferry across each evening, watching bands, drinking and partying all night and returning on the first ferry at 5 in the morning.
On Saturday morning I nearly missed it, got a children’s ticket and had to be shown how to get an adult one. Then the whole ferry had to be stopped and the ramps put down again so I could jump on board.
This morning, after an amazing night with some great bands and a truly great aftershow I realised I was about the miss the boat again and sprinted to the terminal. About a minute from reacing it I slipped on the paving stones and landed hard on my face. I thought it would be ok but the security guards (who must be a little tired of me by now) insisted on calling an ambulance and before I knew it I was lying in a Portugese emergency room having my chin stiched up.
I had to find my own way back, which was a bit of a struggle. My lower face is bandaged and the side scraped black. Somehow I’ve also cut up my knees and my shoulder. All is not going particularly well.

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  1. that’s what happens when you leave england, you fall over. it happened to me on more than one occassion. mind you it happens in england quite a lot too. fucking goat legs.
    hey so add my new journal while you’re there.

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