So, I got down to London yesterday on the unbelievably expensive train, sitting next to a very attractive Indian girl, listening to all the old 7″ singles I ripped to MP3. That didn’t take long, so I had free time to go to Camden and find out how rubbish it has got lately. I suspect it was always full of goths and oregano dealers but I was previously too impressed by the novelty T-shirts to notice. All I wanted was a pair of non-skateboarder jeans, but after an hour I gave up and turned up at Dennis’s shop for the in-store gig they were having. The band were a bit boring really, usual strummy acoustic indie nonsense, but on the upside I got some beers.
Dennis is pretty well set up down here with a cool flat, sweet job and various connections. We were supposed to meet up with Jamie too but it was too much of a trek in the end and we went out to The Good Mixer instead. The place was surrounded by London Types, though I was unable to spot Graham Coxon or any members of Menswe@r. Dennis bumped into his ex who he doesn’t seem to be on the best terms with, then we went on to the Barfly. We tried our luck at getting in on the guestlist, but Dennis’s name wasn’t down so we got some beers from the corner shop, drank them, rearranged our hair and clothes and turned up at the club again and said “Simon Singleton, on the guestlist.” They laughed at us, shrugged, stamped our hands and let us in.
The club wasn’t bad, danced, talked to ladies, all the usual. Now I’m running out of internet time so must fly.

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