Jus watched the Britney Spears thing.
Jesus fucking christ.
She’s a cackling, insane redneck hag.
Still would though.
Best TV this week, apart from Britpop night and Jonathan Meades.

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  1. i finally have britpop now on tape. undoubtedly the first time menswe@r have been on tv since 1997, if not earlier.

    • I missed it, now trying to get it from UKNova but stupid fucking cunting TalkTalk have throttled my internet access somehow because I’m using it too much or something. Utter, utter, cunting, cunting cunts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    am back!
    how random (as always) i came back. in london for few days. how long r u in brighton? i think i may want to live there. wanna be a tour guide/ sofa host for me? Lisa as in Prague.

    • Re: am back!
      Jesus Lisa, you’re full of suprises. Come down now, I’m only here for three and a half more weeks, then off on my travels. We’ve got a spare room and everything.

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