So, you could say it was a different day today. Bad, obviously, but it also felt like we were living through some history, instead of the daily trudge, though the only incident down here in Brighton was the closure of the station for a few hours. Still, each time an ambulance came past everyone went quiet for a moment.
I woke up at 10, heard the news while still in a daze, and then spent the later part of the morning and the early afternoon watching the TV and listening to the radio, though developments were few and far between. The first pictures of the bus were what really made me realise something serious was going on.
Walking through the streets and then talking on the phone the rest of the day the difference was significantly more noticeable. Everyone was markedly less aggressive than usual and talking in a much more gentle way. That people were calling up to discuss their credit cards at all was a little strange, though, and I still had to deal with one apoplectic woman first thing.
Getting back home it seems to be a smaller incident than everyone was thinking – the death toll isn’t shifting too much. Compared to New York, Madrid and Bali it’s turned out to be relatively minor. I stress relatively.

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  1. it’s strange but i’m amost glad that it’s finally happened and that it’s over and done with now. i don’t like resigning to that way of thinking but it was inevitable. but i doubt it will make any difference to the war and it makes me sad that the probability is that many of the victims were opposed to the war anyway.

    • True. I’m concerned also that it’s diverted attention away from climate change at the G8, which is really fucking serious.

      • ahh but there’s no proof is there?
        arrrgh, it makes me so mad that someone could be so ignorant. alright, i know it’s george w bush but seriously, ever other country in the world recognises it as a serious problem.

        • It’s fucking nuts – people don’t realise quite how bad it’s going to get and how soon. Africa is nothing to what’s going to happen with climate change.

  2. poranila_se says:

    “Everyone was markedly less aggressive than usual and talking in a much more gentle way. ”
    let me know how long this lasts. i’m curious.

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