Had a nice couple of days off finishing the projects, which will be unveiled on Sunday for sure now. It’s ready today but I haven’t got the time as I have to watch the Simpsons and Derren Brown then take a sleeping pill. It feels good to be halfway productive again, though the main reason is my lack of overtime. Or a real social life.
Did go out last night though. Not out out, just out for a meal as Duncan and Amelia were respectively reviewing / taking photos of a pub for the next issue of the Source magazine. The place was pretty nice, I had chips and Czech beer, none too shabby a combination. Also got the opportunity to see John’s new flat, which is huge and in a good condition. All in all quite a find.
It was drizzling on the walk back, as it did for both my days off. Then today I had to work so it was really sunny. But not too bad, nonetheless. Actually spoke to some people at the temps’ lunch too, though it may well be my last as I’m going “permanent” at some time in May.
Soft Machine Third is the greatest album in the world. I don’t know how I’ve got by without it all these years.

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