In my inbox today – the most bizarre spam I’ve ever seen. Can anyone tell me what this means?

From: “Walter Davies”
To: **********
Subject: New repliccas selection is here benevolent
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 06:28:44 -0500 EST

our site presents: what you’ve allways wanted – watchees, elegent
of the bast brand s in the world!
Impress you’re lady with carttier, roleex, braitling and more…
You naame it – We got it!

mmmmm show me more :-)

quot database interaction quot if you re interested in high-end data
storage head to this chapter for information about interacting with sql
i like your dobs and seeking many months to own a good puppy of six
month of age so please contact me.
thanks! by the way you might want to print this out and put it into a
binder to keep for reference.
hi dorothy great to see more of your creative energy taking shape now
in the form of a website please give my love and promise of prayer to sr
all i wanted to say was i ve met thearpy and they are great guys it was
a fab couple of hours and their new stuff sounds great so i m letting
you know that the next album you should all go and buy!!!
jinak kdyby se nahodou v tvem okoli vyskytla miss svedman a
mademoiselle novakova tak jim vyrid to same.
i am putting a lot of new stuff on this site! i am very sad my ryan
phillippe page is not working correctly! ahh this is horror!
we had just lost our red about a year ago and was fortunate enough to
rescue another red girl we are so proud of her it has taken alot of vet
time but hopefully that is now behind us.
patterns use a head pattern you already have adjusting the shape of.
job on the website – i do mine for my school and just don t have the
energy to do one for our own personal use take care of each other i hear
you are coming to az in may? staying long?
i have been a long time fan just found this i am so glad i have looked
for donna s music for years.
would you guys be at all interested in playing at the vault in pomona
sometime in the next month or two?
george clooney the guy s a little pretty no doubt but he comes across
as a hail-fellow-well-met a rakish wiseass who d fit right in chicago
sun times il.
despite these efficiency improvements many organizations still feel
like george clooney in the movie the perfect storm where he is trying to
keep the fishing intelligent enterprise united states.
great pictures i do like your captions in the just for fun section i am
looking forward to your updates.
kenny had gone as far as driving his old monte carlo up to the city and
it had broken down on him on the interstate half way to his
mooie site met duidelijke informatie over jullie kennel en veel mooie
foto s ik hoop in de nabije toekomst ook trotse bezitter te worden van
een engelse bulldog.
hello you have a great site and i have enjoyd looking at it greetings
from the netherlands monique and s b t nino.

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  1. was that just one email?
    i haven’t laughed like that in ages.

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