It has been a while since I last updated, it seems. Getting slack. But soon I will have my flashy new laptop and will be constantly on the net, until I get bored and go to the pub, generally.
So this last weekend started on Thursday when Gwen appeared down here with a sleeping bag and a copy of the film we made a few years back. We went out to some place called The Joint to see a local cabaret DJ called Boogaloo Stu and had a really truly great night. The club is a nice mix of the best parts of straight and gay bars, the clientele at about a 50-50 mix, and the atmosphere pretty much perfect. There was a whole lot of fun going on there.
On Sunday I went around with Gwen for a bit, went to the shops in the North Laine, etc, then she went back off to London and I went out with Duncan and Amelia to see Erol Alkan and Princess Superstar DJing at the Concorde 2. On the way we met up with Amelia’s colleagues Marcus and Ali. I hadn’t met Ali before and was quite surprised to say the least when she turned out to be a girl I’d been at high school with for 5 years, in the same form in fact. 250 miles away, or so.
Aside from the bizarre coincidences which shower on my life with almost alarming frequency, the night was pretty good, though restrained and short by the standards I’m used to now. At 2 the place closed and I went home, feeling shattered from a mere 2 days drinking.
The next day was recovery. I lay on the sofa and watched films on TV – Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, Clockwise, Bridget Jones’s Diary. Don’t know why I watched the last one, I don’t think I’m the intended audience and it got on my nerves again. I wonder why all these upper middle class thirty year old media types in fashionable London boroughs are so wildly over-represented in films. I don’t think I’ve ever met one in my entire life. But then again, I’ve never been to Shoreditch.

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  1. they’re probably too posh for shoreditch. i’ve been and it’s ming to the power of 20. then again that sort of person might enjoy “roughing it”.

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