Having finished my full course of prescription medicine I went out with Hamish / Lucie / Wendy last night to celebrate, and drank a whole two beers. Which is more than in the previous two weeks. God am I boring this month. We played pool at Lucie’s favorite pool hall dive, on the table with slightly less stains. Then H&W went to sleep so we walked around Dejvice with the dog until it was time for Lucie to go to the set of Oliver Twist. Everyone’s getting in on the ‘extra’ thing now. Hamish has a line to say on Thursday, quite impressive if it makes it to the film. He was in the Elijah Woods one last week.
Slept only four hours at the most on returning home, my body-clock has once again got it in for me. Woke up feeling like shit, a feeling that refused to ebb away. Then I had to go and teach about reported speech;

“What is the difference in meaning in the following examples of reported speech?
a. Adam asked them how they’d travel to Paris
b. Adam asked them how they’d traveled to Paris”

Explaining this to a non native speaker is far from easy.
Thank-you caffeine, saved the day again.

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  1. poranila_se says:

    i just got a volunteer job as an english-tutor one-on-one.
    i can’t wait until i have to explain stuff like this, – so much sarcasm.

  2. im talking bout the man in the mirror
    it’s time to make a change
    it’s time to rearrange
    …my face

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