Decision time

A bland truism heard around the world states that there is a time for action. Well, if there ever was such a time, this is it.
I have told everyone for a good year now that I would leave Prague at the end of September 2004, a date that has remarkably stuck in my estimation the whole time, most unlike me. In short, I can’t stay here forever. I want to keep traveling while I’m (relatively) young, go to Thailand, Japan, Iceland, South America… I also want a decent computer, a video camera…. Earning enough money to survive, let alone buy things, is a major struggle here. I need to sort out all kinds of shit in the UK too.
So, the gist of my nub is this; I have to, at some point, go back to the land I don’t want to live in and get a job over the winter. There’s no other way. Or is there…? I can’t really live with my parents, too old to do that kind of shit now, value my independence. I can go to Southampton, but I hate the fucking place and have various government agencies after me there. I can go to Brighton, I have various friends there now, but it may be hard to get a job or a flat there. Or I can go to London, not sure if I have any friends there any more, but maybe.
So, what do you think?

I don’t guarantee any action on the results, by the way. So feel free to vote facetiously, if that rattles your cage.

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