It is a lovely day and I’m off to Krumlov, as soon as I’ve sorted a few random things out. Life is sweet.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wang, glad to know all is going well. Dirty old London still is, but the sun is shining and I’m pals with marines which is Useful.
    Am sure you’ve already heard this but its reached me now so: Please get Hamish to ring his mum, get interpol off of people’s backs etc. Cheers.
    Dan :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    i second that. so far have talked to british missing persons, new zealand missing persons, and yes, interpol. much as this is amusing in a surreal way, im getting tired of repeating at four in the morning that yes hamish is in fact fine, no he hasnt been abducted/killed/’donated’ an organ, he’s just the most useless excuse for a son ever.

    • Jesus, what the hell is going on with this shit?
      Hamish is fine and dandy, at least he was two days ago. I don’t think that is long enough to go missing.

      • Anonymous says:

        check your email. i sent a group one that i believe explains adequately. hamish has neglected to contact his parents in any way since christmas, when he told them he was heartbroken and couldnt go on. thats what his tearful mother told me anyway. personally i dont give a shit if hes alive or dead, but when the police start harrassing me and my family in the belief that we killed him and hid the body in london, well i get kinda shirty.

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