So, last night I dressed as a scary scary clown to get free beer. A whole load of jolly backpackers also joined in, though I was the only member of the gang there for the vast majority of the time. I was fucking scary, like the clown from ‘It,’ which was cool once I started to appreciate the fun that could be had scaring the shit out of people who were trying to talk to me. Heigh ho. Is hard to drink free beer with red face paint on one’s lips, though. The taste is, well, shit. Hamish was a kind of happy shopper Darth Maul, and couldn’t get the makeup off his face properly even after half an hour of scrubbing. Wonder how his work went today…?

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9 Responses to NO CLOWN NO BEER

  1. hiredg00n says:

    Clowns are scary. :(

  2. top_plant says:

    they got a clown in for a school fun day at work last week. the guy turns up and he’s like 6ft 6, dressed freaky as hell. fuck that…

    • No Clown, No Beer.

      • top_plant says:

        yeah. apparently that’s the new dress code for nexus…

        • Nexus? Jeez, that place still open?
          It’s time to burn this disco down.
          Is Keith still the DJ?
          If so, stand under the booth and shout ‘Fuck Off Keith!’ during the 10 second gap in “I Am The Resurection”.

          • top_plant says:

            yes. yes, why not? and yes.
            i saw that keith guy in daylight for the first time on the bank holiday at the end of may. he was in the tesco express garage on bevois valley, buying wine and flowers with his girlfriend/wife. BUT YO SHE IS HANGING.
            ahahahahaha. helluva pits in his face from being a SPOTTY FUCK. i hope his tight leather trousers mess up his blood so he collapses out of his dj box onto the unforgiving hella dirty floor beneath him…

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