Today I have been plied with free alcohol, maybe not the best of ideas before work.
I have also realised I am pretty much addicted to chlebičky from two lahudka in particular, in particular the sýrový and krabem masem versions. Thankfully these are not tourist things. People who are not Czech prefer not to eat their lunch standing up off a counter in the butcher or deli. Therefore prices are still low and the quality superior.
I’m off to have some more, before work.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No seriously. Just writing quickly to recommend the HELL out of Porno by Irvine Welsh. Its so fucking good as the sequel to Trainspotting its not funny.
    Mistyped that tranispotting. That would have made for a slightly different book.
    Also, hi to Ham-o, nyah. “”

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