The trouble with living in Horni Pocernice is that I have to leave the Blind Eye by 11.54pm, not 12.00am as I had previously thought. Last night the 12.07 tram took me to the metro just in time for me to miss the penultimate train. After a ten minute wait for the very last train I realised it was only going as far as Ceskomoravska, about half the way to my house.
So, four hours later I was the first person let into Mustek station today, except for some raving derelict who’d been in there all night. The cleaners were still working, obviously 4.30 is not a normal time to be using the underground.
Some day I will learn.

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  1. poranila_se says:

    is it paved or cobblestone roads out that far?
    fucking city should be bicycle-friendly.

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