The Czech republic is currently the host of the world Ice Hockey championships, of no natural interest to an Englishman like myself who doesn’t even understand the rules. It happens, though, that the C&B is full of Finns, come to support their team. I watched last night as they beat the USA, then accompanied them down to the blind eye, where signs had been hung saying (in finnish) ‘Hand your knives in at reception.’ And they all were actually carrying knives, which they did actually hand in to the bar staff. One had a samurai sword. It was funny.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi James!
    Be nice with those finnish people there;) I cant belive that they are actually carring knives with them. It lots of to do with history, nowadays it has been sort of joke. Maybe they think Prague is very dangerous or something.. Lets hope that Suomi will win this time, we dont have too many big sports here and hockey is one of the only ones.
    Take care,
    Hanna, the Finn without a knive

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s hope for a Suomi v. CR final.
      Is the whole country going crazy for it over there then?
      Predictably, you can’t even tell it’s started over here cos no coverage at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      hanna, get your ass back here where it belongs!!!!!
      hanna, tuu tanne, mita sa siella surffailet netissa, ja niilla kaikilla oli veitset mukana. pitihan sellainen yllatys jarjestaa pojille. jussi

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: hanna, get your ass back here where it belongs!!!!!
        Et kuule usko, kuinka paljon haluaisin. oon nyt kuitenkin saanu erittäin kuivaa toimistotyötä täältä, joten näyttää siltä, että pääsen vasta ehkä joskus loppukesästä siellä käymään.
        Kannusta sä nyt siellä Suomi voittoon ja ole varovainen niiden puukkotyyppien kanssa siellä. Ja muutenkin pidähän huolta itsestäsi!
        And same to you James ;)
        Ja vielä Blindiksen tyypeille kauhiasti terveisiä!

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