Woke up in the Clown and Bard again yesterday and made the mistake of following my baser instincts and offering to take some boring New Jersey girl around the old town. She was in her underwear and looked like a sure thing to my half awake brain.
After a brief doze and a cup of coffee, the realization that I was going to be lumbered with a certified Christian for a good 5 hours kicked in, but politeness dictated that I couldn’t ditch her. Fortunately we managed to find some strange Austrians, who joined us walking up to the castle, so not all was lost.
Spring is here and I am focusing on the pursuit of females. Shame everyone else seems to be too.

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  1. poranila_se says:

    i sound like an idiot, but really whatever.
    american new jersey?
    (that’s awful. that’s worse than where i’m from.)
    but besides – it’s spring. everyone should be pursuing girls or boys or whatever-one-prefers.

    • Re: i sound like an idiot, but really whatever.
      Yeah, should’ve been warned maybe?

      • poranila_se says:

        Re: i sound like an idiot, but really whatever.
        ‘eh, i’d be wary of new jersey-people.
        some are great, but eh – i think it is pretty much the only state, besides florida, that everyone jokes about. constantly.

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