Sunday was ok, then. I met Chelsea in Bohemia Bagel, then we went up Petrin hill and to some cafes, when we got cold. It was good to see her again. She seems to be doing a lot better, recovered but still pretty down. She went back to her parents house at 9 and I returned to Žižkov.
The Blind Eye was good after that, and Akropolis. It was one of those nights when everyone unexpectedly turns up and has a great time. Tiffany Black is back for one. She is making another Pinyata full of dares on pieces of card. The last time was pretty crazy so topping it is going to be a challenge, but we can do it. Half of the cards are to do with kissing somebody or doing something else. This kind of thing always leads to trouble.
I should be moving into my new house today if possible. Think I’ve probably pushed it too much at the Clown & Bard now. I also just went for an interview, think it went very well.

Oh yeah, one other thing. It was Easter Monday in Prague yesterday and I was going to describe what goes on here, but thought everyone might think I was joking. So click on this link – – and scroll down to “Pussywillow and pomlázka.” This is all completely true. What a country.

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  1. poranila_se says:

    i LOVE easter in prague. ahhhhh…..bless that little country.

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