Resolution: Stop writing drunken logs.

Nine hours until I go. Suppose I should go to bed really.
Last night I barely slept at all, kept awake by worry. Why should I care though? I accept I am a very very bad teacher, but the next week will result in payment whether I am useless or not. Just hope it’s not as bad as the previous course, where I forgot to bring entertainment and was forced to read “Headway” all the way through for something to do.
Stayed in for 8 hours cleaning the flat.
Today was Austin’s birthday, so we all dressed up in the most ludicrous costumes available and made our way to the bar. As expected we were the only people who made an effort. How many times before we learn to be boring? With nothing happening we made our way to a reasonable party some web guys were holding. Their site is like a porn version of The Onion. Will link to it soon.
When that died we returned to the eye. There was a penis shaped pinyata with challenges inside. I took the second hit at it, a direct one with scraps of porn falling out as I broke the shaft. There were a host of challenges inside so everyone went around carrying them out. I made animal noises for 15 minutes. Everyone was doing outrageous things, but the buzz had gone for me. They all made out and I came home, feeling vaguely sad.
Want to meet a new girl. All the ones I know are not the right sort. Does the right sort exist? Bit of a metaphysical question and a stupid one to boot.
Bah, I should go to bed.

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