Everybody seems to be leaving Prague… Marcus & Vicky are gone already, soon to be followed by Bod, both Hannas, Atot, maybe even Hamish & Bea… I’m not altogether over the moon about all this but I’m going to the Go! Planet Roxy festival today so all is still good.
I did another stupid test but I don’t think anyone reads this any more so I don’t care.

Magic Number 15
Job Sporting Great
Personality Multiple
Temperament Cool And Calm
Sexual Whatever, Whenever, Whoever
Likely To Win Nothing
Me – In A Word Chinny
Brought to you by MemeJack
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  1. rubysurprise says:

    i still read this but i rarely comment on anyone’s journal. i never know what to say so i said this.

  2. poranila_se says:

    everyone i know is moving to berlin or prague.
    i’m not moving. i’m waiting. next year? maybe.

    • Who is moving to Praha?
      Are they coming to Žižkov?

      • poranila_se says:

        two of my friends are moving to mala strana – she’s going to FAMU and he’s just going because she is.
        and then another friend is going to teach english. i dont know where she’s moving, i think Žižkov. or at least trying to move to Žižkov.
        i really need to get out there, this country is getting more ridiculous by the minute…

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