Ok so time for an update people.
This weekend I and my associate Bob went to see Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry with The Mad Professor at the Roxy. Good god he’s fucking crazy, but he sure does know how to lay down some reggae beats and also wears an inordinate amount of silvery reflective things. I got down to it on the dance floor as he sang Happy Birthday to all of us. And told us all about how the CIA were after him. And laid down some funky reggae beats. What a star. There was even a girl dressed in a towel.
After that Lucie dragged us to some godawful pool club in Devicka and we had to get a 40 min tram ride home and nearly get chucked off for smoking.
Meanwhile the weather has been as crazy as ever. Today was so baking hot that all I could do was sit in the shade in the beer garden drinking beer. Two days ago there was a gigantic lightning storm at 2pm followed by the a 20 min downpour from the skies. The thunder was so loud it made my ears ring. I was in a good position to experience this because the design of my house makes it possible for me to lie on the balcony and read while it pours down. Pretty sweet.
Oh and I left some really important stuff in the supermarket and am in trouble probably but don’t really care any more.

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