Thankfully I am feeling a little less stir crazy today, even though my new boss has a rat living on her neck with gigantic testicles. Jesus, I wish I was making this stuff up.
The house hunt has stepped up another level. We are all working and not appreciating living in a dorm right now, especially Bob, who has to get up and teach 3-year-old kids English in his clown costume.
I will also appreciate not living in the same building as a German prick called (sl)Easy who has some kind of personal vendetta against me. Only this week he has told Hamish that I am ‘a snake’ and told a girl I was with that I was not to be trusted. This from somebody who doesn’t even know me, the fucking prick. Do prdele!
Yeah, so TOEFL class to be taught today, maybe even a house to look at. And I’ve made a new journal for Linn though its not finis yeat.
Night night chowheads.

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