So…. lessons, assignments, classes, preparation, looking at stuff on the internet about the war… life goes on.
I had a really good class this morning and actually had fun for the first time. My students enjoyed it too. I’m not dreading them any more, in fact I’m even looking forward to the next one. Unless it’s those damned pre-intermediates again.
I lost a very important tape last night, failed to get any decent work done and burned my hand on the first use of my new pans. To top it all some guy kept coming by and telling me to run it under the cold tap instead of keeping it in a bowl of cold water even though anyone with eyes could have realised that I was doing urgent work and therefore not able to stand there with my hand under the tap for ten minutes.
Anyway, rant over. One week and two days to go. Eek.
This interactive war guide is very good –,5860,869664,00.html – though of course it isn’t a computer game.

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