Three days into the course and I’ve managed to grab ten minutes or so to do this.
Intensive was an appropriate descriptive word for what I have been doing, especially as I have approx. 1 hour of free time each day. But I am starting to enjoy it. I wouldn’t have believed how much it is possible to ride on the nervous energy of the lessons but I expect there is a lot more of that to come. I start teaching on Monday, not such a daunting prospect as it was but still a big step. I’ve already started individually tutoring one man, which instead of being a stress has turned out to be a pleasure and has brought back my motivation for this course.
Also I know 12 tenses, though I’m still having trouble distinguishing adverbs from adjectives. If this all sounds unbelievably dull, well, it isn’t. I’m getting very interested indeed in the construction of the english language now.

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