Vyštiz a stafka…. Husinesca

Another couple of amayzing weeks in Praha, many many stories but for the moment they all entirely escape my mind. Last night I was in the biggest club I’ve seen in my life, like 5 large clubs on top of each other, dancing to something or other when huge amounts of dry ice poured out from a nozzle next to me. For 20 seconds or so I saw nothing, but then when the smoke cleared there were 5 guys immaculately done up as elvis all dancing at me. Actually that sounds shit but it was frickin weird.
Already this place, this hostel in particular, feels like its my home and has been my home forever. Theres Scottish Mark, Adam from the ramones, Paul Mcartney and Steve, Lin and Bodil the Swedish girls, Gail the opera singer, Chandler of the secret age, Connor James Macguire the Fifth, Daniel the grandmother opressor, Natalie the cowgirl, Alex the vegetarian millwall hooligan, so many more and every day more people arrive, intending to stay for a few days… heh heh heh. A week is the bare minimum you can spend here. I was seeing this Chilean woman but shes gone back to Chile, which is a shame.., maybe.
Not sure how my liver is doing but as I now consider 3 beers to be a night off drinking I suppose it wouldn’t be wise for me to continue living at this hostel forever… So I will return to England for a bit and sort out a job good enough so I can get a flat over here and just come over to the hostel to drink. Beer is cheaper than water and its cheaper to eat out than to make your own food, which is nice. If anyone I know is reading this then I do advise you to make your way over here. You can have a weeks holiday for, say, 120 pounds, including flight and accommodation, and have a seriously good time.
Haven’t learned much Czech though, just enough to sort of get by. If I meet some more Czech girls this may change though. They seem, on the whole, to be very beautiful and a little psychotic. Some are sane of course, though, and I hang out with Americans too much, so maybe I meed to make a little more effort.
Anyway, if anyone I know is reading this then hello, please feel free to email me at weejay@nme.com, I will return to Scumhampton for new year if anyones got a party going or anything. Put some shampoo in the fountain for me.
Dobry den, weejay

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