And another thing

Don’t know If I can be bothered to keep updating this. So much to recount but I’ll have to skim.
Ended up having a really good time in Budapest, found the coolest hostel, generally had a party, went to a rock gig with some Hungarian Hard Rock which is kind of like RATM but better, the truth be told, though obviously can’t understand a word. My railcard is running out so I thought I should pop up to Krakow before my time in Prague begins. Found a nice place, like a hotel but only 10 quid a night. Glad I came here, is kind of like the level of Prague but undiscovered by the American tourists with video cameras and shellsuits.
It seems like an age and a half since I left Scumhampton and I find that now I’ve escaped from its influence it seems like just another infinite speck on the horizon. Cant believe I spent so much time there. The diseases it infected me with – boredom, insomnia, cynicism, nostalgia, gossip – seem to be passing from my bloodstream so quickly I fear going back in case they return. All the petty fucking local intrigue and scandal – what a load of shit and you know I forgot there was a whole world outside.
You know what the most interesting thing I’ve found is? That moreorless everyone I’ve met has been good. Every nation included. The only people I’ve taken a dislike to (apart from surly shop staff who exist everywhere) were some upper class Englishmen who talked down to me because of my non upper class accent. Yeah, get that – as an average, we’re the worst in the world. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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2 Responses to And another thing

  1. so…what’re you going to be doing in Prague? and do you know where you’re going to stay? been there before?

    • well….
      Because this place is fucking unbelievable. Every day I meet a cool new group of people and go and get trashed with them… if that sounds good? Oh, and I’m getting a job, mustn’t forget that. Becharovka does not help. Let alone that fucking absinthe.

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