Deep Dream Photos

This year is proving to be a difficult one and I’ve had little or no time to write or make anything. I did, however, manage to spend an hour yesterday altering some images with ‘Deep Dream’.

This is an experimental piece of code released by Google which attempts to find patterns in images (based on analysing pictures from Google images), then alters the pictures to make them match the patterns it thinks it found. The images can be bizarre and trippy or just look like paintings. Often it just adds a lot of dog faces – apparently this is the result of analysing too many photos of dogs. Right now it looks amazing, but in a few months everyone is going to be bored of it – so better post these now rather than then.

Here are the pictures, and here is the link if you want to make any for yourself.

6b8be22a-2693-4516-8d67-628cbb0c1123 e9d5e8c1-13fe-46dd-b118-b448db1ea736 bced8d02-769a-4d6e-95e7-f03f9c3a1875 b844040a-c0a2-427f-b53d-55a4477bacf7 b6fdc1ac-b619-4844-97ba-a128ea7d4eec b6f4723f-bd7c-4672-baec-c7d4aa36b552 a37fbe94-15e7-40ce-a97c-df6591abdafc 027261d1-e4f9-44f8-b551-30865c447a80 5240c9bb-3771-489f-96aa-b69fa4a09682 4557e42d-899d-4176-8f4e-738d0f58c141 26d6afdb-126c-46f9-b0d2-dc0cb19a7933 077e3da8-7fd3-4c35-bc55-21fbb108e87f 98e64aee-844e-464b-b3aa-a740fe951082 6d0dd76c-651b-4025-a165-f65e0195111a

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1 Response to Deep Dream Photos

  1. jonwakeham says:

    I wondered why it had given me a dog’s face, then I read your explanation. Far out, trippy

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