In a complete turnaround for the books, the typhoon is again heading our way and I will after all be able to move into the amazing flat.

In other news; here is a shop in a local shopping centre whose owners evidently failed to do proper research prior to choosing a name –

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  1. my friend mike is really into oriental women so he probably would have a “wanko” over that…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Russ here. More rude and comical maltranslations, please.
    There’s a book in the shops called ‘Joys of Engrish’ which is full of them and very nearly had me wetting my pants.
    I’m simple like that, me.

  3. ladyhedgehog says:

    This entry came up as a random journal on my My LJ page. (Which I hardly ever use, but today I did.) Anyway, it amused me considerably. Probably more so than it should have.
    At any rate, I am just pestering you to say hello and that I stuck you on my flist because your life sounds interesting. More so than mine, anyway. =) I know very little about Asia and most of what I do “know” comes from anime, so maybe you can help educate me a bit.

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