Today I have been sober and got a lot of things done. As this is fairly boring I’m nicking brokenjoystick‘s end-of-year meme. She won’t mind.

In 2005 did you:

1. go to a party?: Mainly our parties, a couple that weren’t too.
2. try something new?: Various food, nothing very exciting really.
3. have someone change your life?: Just me.
4. kiss someone?: A few.
5. tell your family and friends you love them?: Nah, we don’t need to.
6. buy something extravagant?: Several extortionate tickets.
7. had someone else do something nice for you?: People who’ve let me sleep on their sofas, too many to list, you’re all stars.
8. do something terribly wrong?: Nothing I haven’t successfully blocked out.
9. move?: All I’ve done this last 3 months is move.
10. go to a concert?: No, just a fair few gigs.

Best of the year:

1. party: The afterparty to Barrairo Rocks was fantastic.
2. show: The bands at Barrairo Rocks.
3. cd: Asa Chang & Junray – Jun Ray Song Chang.
4. movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was alright.
5. song: Lightning Bolt – Assassins.
6. experience: Quitting that fucking job.
7. purchase: Plane ticket.
8. book: Richard Brautigan – The Abortion, An Historical Romance. And David Boring.
9. month: November was fucking cool.
10. day: Hard to pick one in particluar.

Worst of the year:

1. party: Ramon’s leaving party was horrible.
2. show: Backpacker karaoke, everywhere. Especially in Rome.
3. cd: The James Blunt album. I like Selfish Cunt by the way.
4. movie: Master and Commander was really really boring.
5. song: The James Blunt one. I hate him.
6. experience: The couple of hours I thought I’d broken my face.
7. purchase: Pub crawl ticket in Rome.
8. book: Didn’t read any bad books at all for once.
9. month: I worked every day in June.
10. Day: Flying back to the UK in January.

During 2005:

1. where were you when it began?: In the Blind Eye.
2. did you stay up?: sadly, not for long.
3. what was your new year wish?: Not to go back to England.
4. how many boyfriends/girlfriends?: No actual girlfriends.
5. broke up?: See above.
6. have any crushes?: I don’t really know what crushes are.
7. care to mention names?: See above.
8. new friends?: A fair few, half new and half half-forgotten in Brighton, sorry.
9. had to say goodbye?: Many many times, like always.
10. missed anyone?: Yeah, it is funny being away for Christmas.
11. win anything?: Nothing at all.
12. best place you went to?: Portugal, Croatia, Krakov, Prague, Vinne
13. worst place you went to?: Worcester.
14. happiest moment?: I am a miserable cunt who is only very happy occasionally for no particular reason when he’s alone in the hose.
15. how was your birthday?: It was actually quite good, thanks Duncan & Amelia, Natalie & Amalia.
16. best present?: Pulp DVD.

Memories of each month:

January: Prague, losing my voice entirely for 2 days.
February: Being stressed at work.
March: Being bored at work
April: Being really bored at work.
May: Being really fucking bored at work.
June: Working every day of the month, getting sick.
July: Skiving work to go to lost vagueness.
August: Handing in my notice.
September: leaving, visiting Southampton, Cardiff, London.
October: Traveling around Southern Europe
November: Traveling around Eastern Europe
December: …and back in Prague.

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  1. i do mind….
    in other news: i just found dan on myspace.

  2. Hi I found your journal on random. Happy Holidays!

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