Krakow, a week later.

I left from Prague last Saturday having had no sleep whatsoever since Friday morning and tried to get some on the night train. Managed to doze off eventually but was woken up straight away by an old woman who decided to sit right next to me in the otherwise empty compartment and prevented me from lying down. Then she was joined by six friends, one of whom fell on me. Later they left and I was just dozing off when a guard woke me up and told me if I slept someone might steal my bag. At that point I didn’t really care but soon we were pulling into blizzard-bound Krakow.
I got to the hostel half an hour later and found it full until mid-day and so I had to sit around in the reception area with Irish people breaking breadboards over each-others heads and eating snowballs covered in jam. It was a good job I got to sleep at mid-day as 52 hours awake was starting so send me more than a little crazy.
Met up with Amanda and her friend Giro late that afternoon and discussed the good old days, had some wine and food and so on. Then the same on Monday. Krakow has so many really decent cafes and restaurants and the food is great. Could’ve spent months sampling them all.
Apart from the above I had a couple of nights hanging around in the hostel bar. The barmaid was so drunk she could barely stand and the (male) customers were either trying it on with her or pouring their own pints and not paying for them. Though this may not sound fantastic I should add that it was one of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed in – somehow both clean and cool, which is very rare indeed.
Back in Prague now, looks like I’ve got a job in China.

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8 Responses to Krakow, a week later.

  1. I must say that I’m jealous of your traveling adventures – that, and I’m adding you to my Friends list. Hope you don’t mind.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Norwegian Amanda? Say hi to her from me.
    And hi yourself you crazy bastard.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ah but I see you’re back in Prague already. Well, say hi to anyone who I know out there.
      More to the point what’s the job in China?
      Am in California with my girlfiend’s family eating pancakes and syrup right now. Nice.
      Ez Russ

      • Will do. Will be English teaching and that, usual sort of bollocks. No chance of you coming over here for New Year is there? Hamish says get your arse over here.

        • My boyfriend is seriously thinking of moving to Japan to teach English over there sometime in the next couple of years. I thought his plan sounded too good to be true…and apparently you aren’t having the best of luck just yet. Would you discourage others from trying what you are doing?

          • My problem is that I don’t have a degree. If he’s got one it shouldn’t be too much trouble, to be honest.

            • comedylisa says:

              new year
              hey james.
              i wanna be in prague but have to work new years eve day! which sucks still. say hello to hamish and russ or if they read this hello
              how is it all goin. i have 20secs left aaaaaaaaaaaahhh

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