I’m off again tonight, this time to Krakow. My last trip out of Prague. Probably. So in that spirit I thought I’d have a quiet night at the bar, a beer or two and to bed, that sort of thing. There was supposed to be a ‘rock and indie’ party with ‘cheap beer’ at the clown but the music was cheesy trance and the beer was at the usual price (“It’s always cheap here”). Met a selection of travelling types there though, mainly Kiwi girls, and took them down to the speakeasy that was the Blind Eye. It started snowing outside so I took one of them out there and we had a snowball fight and then went off to sleep together in the roof of her campervan. Came back inside the hostel when the snow started to melt off the roof and onto us. It was 7.30 but everyone was still up. Didn’t get any sleep at all and feel a bit groggy. Now I have a train to catch.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    weejay you liar, or if not, very casually put – if you havent changed, sleeping with a girl in the roof of a camper van would have been the biggest night of your life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oooh, i felt the acid in that bold. come one weejay, im just giving you a little knuckle in the ribs. dont be annoyed, i was expecting you to have reacted with, you cheeky bastard and then returned the insult – whats wrong with that?, instead of getting all defensive. anyway old boy, i stumbled across you on the internet and im having a bit of a bad time at the moment in very rubbish bangkok, missing home etc, waiting to move north or back to england, and it kind of made me sentimental, which in turn caused that ‘dig in the ribs’ or if you want, poisonous little comment, so anyway, im following your words now and if its worth it, ahym sorry, but i was disappointed by your reaction. i was feeling mischeivous, and i guess i do feel kind of guilty that you got it was me straight away…how bad was i? and thats not the first time ive apologised to you. third actually. remember the apology written in eyeliner or something slipped under your door before i moved to london (for 2 months) stemming from an argument about what the term to fob someone off means, and the ‘adam is a cunt’ written on your outhouse wall. ahh, im enjoying this. theyll always be the best few years of my life, southampton. the most fun ive ever had was always returning from the club, those hours till dawn. hmm. that was me by the way writing about china. reallyreallyreally. same place. okay, anyway, now ive got another reason to use the internet, accept my apology and i promise i WILL NOT talk to you like that anymore. im bored as hell here but ive decided to start making art, i cant draw or paint, but ive got some cracking ideas.
    tell me anything you know about all people from the old old days, i havent heard from anyone except charlie really though i owe her, steven and jon an email but owing an email here usually means six months. what is M.E.? i wish duncan and amelia didnt share an email.
    you may notice ive written a lot. and i’ll be honest. your reaction to my comment made me feel quite bad so, sorry weejay – do you like peter greenaway?

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