Much in the way of more than hectic preparation for leaving the seaside for the foreseeable future, most of it too dull to list.
If anyone is passing through Brighton and wants a globe please do mail me. It needs a home.
Liam and the girls were away in Italy and Spain respectively this last weekend so I would have had the house to myself if it hadn’t been for the presence of Natalia’s Slovakian friends who were staying in the room below me. Fortunately the landlady didn’t find them in there while she was cleaning up the house and breaking the garden furniture in preparation for showing people round. They kept themselves to themselves except on Saturday afternoon when exited my bedroom in the early afternoon to find them both standing outside trying their hardest to bring themselves to knock on my door.
Back to work again, for the last week. The prospect of not being there next week makes the job about 90% more bearable.

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  1. arrgh didn’t realise you were leaving so soon. was going to come down on the 1st too. crap.

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