Went out for a couple of beers with the housemates last night at our new local, the London Unity. All was good, nice summer evening on the longest day and all that. The dog managed to spill our drinks, but apart from that all was good. The girls were going to a reggae thing – I couldn’t be bothered because I never feel in a reggae mood at night-time for some reason.
So I trotted off home to watch the telly and the girls went to a cashpoint, got mugged by some guys in wrap-around shades and spent the rest of their night in a police station looking at photos of criminals. One of the pictures was Andy who lived in our house last year – I thought he was joking when he said he went out mugging people, but obviously not.

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  1. mind_at_war says:

    that’s weird…and sort of funny about your old roomate.

  2. toraizanami says:

    One of the pictures was Andy who lived in our house last year – I thought he was joking when he said he went out mugging people, but obviously not.
    Just when you thought you knew someone..
    But at least it’s better than in the US where my friend got her windows busted out last night.. her stereo, cds, tool kit, cash..everything gone. This happened in broad daylight in a packed parking lot… and of course “no one saw anything”

  3. something different
    hello there.. u dont know me and i dont know u but im just lookin at random livejournals and passin this link around.. its something me and my friend started and i think its kinda nifty..well its called pass the potato.. all u have to do is click on the link put ur zip code in ur stae and city will show up on the list and pass the link around to ur friends so they can pass it to their friends and so on and so on..lol well so far its only in my stae where it started (( michigan )) and my goal is to pass it around the united states.. havent gotten very far but with ur help im one step closer.. thanks..
    my name is gina and im 14 from michigan!
    oh and by the way it isnt like some stupid virus or anythin its everythin i told u it was.

  4. smugsmilz says:

    Wrap around shades should be outlawed
    Sorry to spy on your journal. Found it randomly and no Im not a spam bot. I live in the States but lived in the UK at one time.
    ANnnyyhoo…enjoyed reading about your life….Jenny

  5. Anonymous says:

    What’s ‘Phil Collins’ Cock’? Sounds interesting.
    Would I dig it?

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