A pretty fine weekend all in all, bearing in mind I had no money to spend in the first place. Besides the usual Blind Eye / Clown & Bard / Akropolis (in)action I managed to venture a few times into Old Town – first to see Gail do her human jukebox thing at the Globe, then to watch the King Vitamin show at the Tulip cafe. Plus a whole load more stuff.
There were a whole host of faces from the past who arrived at one point or another. Every night has been a pleasant surprise, maybe because life seems more interesting when it has a one week limit.
Too many events have taken place for me to begin to describe or remember in order. Here are some highlights;
* Jeremiah & Matthew’s frenzied rap battle in front of a poetry reading crowd
* I wasn’t there for this one, but some old man tried to impress Ivana by saying he was from Mongolia – a shame he picked the one barmaid in the city who knows any Mongolian.
* Gail’s medley of Ave Maria, The Scooby Doo theme, Bon Jovi and a host of other unrelated songs.
* The moment during a game of pool with Lucie that I accidentally tapped a picture frame with my cue and knocked out the glass, which shattered all over the floor.
* Then not getting thrown out of the pool hall, somehow.
* The final end of the Zizkov massive looming into sight, with Jacques demanding Ivana leave “our” flat this week. Rest in peace, Rohacova 80.
Hard to believe this is really the end, with one week-long party to go, but it really is. I’m a little sad, a little excited, but it’s all the same isn’t it? I’ll be back.

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  1. mind_at_war says:

    sounds like an interesting time had

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rest in Peace Rohacova 80! I really gonna miss that place! So many nice parties and some what I try to forget.. I really enjoed to live there also.
    Have a nice last week James!

  3. i can’t believe you’ll be back in england in less than a week.
    so what’s the plan?
    i hope a visit to “scumhampton” will be in order…

    • Oh yeah, I may even be there for a few days, have to sort out my stuff at the storage depot, etcetera. May even come down with me mam, will be staying on Matt’s sofa, probably.
      Oh yeah, so do you have any stuff of mine, like CDs or whatever with you? I should come collect. I’ll be down in just over 2 weeks from now, I think.

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