I read the instructional leaflet inside my medicine. It said “Take one 500mg tablet every 8 hours. For extreme cases take one 1000mg tablet every 12 hours.” I have been prescribed one 1000mg tablet every 8 hours, some mistake maybe? I feel dizzy and I’m coming out in hives. All in the cause of getting well. Otherwise I feel fine. Though I could really do with a beer.
The pharmacist said “take one every 8 hours, with meals.” Now, I didn’t think too hard at the time but on the bus on the way back it occurred to me that I’d have to start eating meals at 8am, 4pm and 12am or else start going to bed at some ridiculous hour. Screw that.

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  1. i once had to take these tablets which had to be timed so perfectly that i had to wake myself up in the night to take them. you’d think your body would beless of a slave to time really.

  2. hiredg00n says:

    Just be happy they’re not suppositories! :(

  3. Sounds like my “head meds.”

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