I’ve a temptation to go on at everyone about how crap it is to be unable to drink alcohol or hang around in smoky places because the former makes me sick for two days and the latter isn’t a good idea because infected lungs don’t want encouragement. But I won’t. Is it enough to say I am bored bored bored bored bored? Also, what happened to the gang? There sort-of isn’t actually a gang anymore. Or maybe there is but I’m not in it. Yes, that sounds right.
On Monday I should get a piece of paper called an E111 from the UK. With this I can go to the doctor, get medical treatment, begin to drink beer again, and generally get some kind of social life.
But on the whole I wouldn’t read this crap so neither should you. All I have to positively say is go to and tell me if you join and I’ll start up a LNADJKMD league, or something.

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