Whatever Happened To…?

Nothing interesting is going on right now so I thought I’d take a break from my own goings on and give a brief update of (what I know of) the lives of those people previously featured in this journal. Not in any way gossip.

Amanda is back in Norway, working with kids I think, but not for long.
Bea is back in New Zealand, studying.
Bob is still at the C&B, but now making pizza and goulash in Arena Hostel.
Bodil just went back to Sweden after a year and a half in the Joshua Tree.
Carrie is back in Chicago, with a boyfriend and stuff.
Chandler is somewhere in South America playing beach volleyball.
Chelsea is doing alright, back to her old self.
Chrissy has gone to Crete for the summer.
David (Gayvid) just went back to the US.
Gail until recently was the host of the second-highest-rated radio show in the city, and she’s also national karaoke champion.
Hamish is still in Prague, but now with a job, flat, girlfriend, etc.
Hanna (Finnish) is working in a social security office and coming back to Prague! Maybe.
Hanna (Swedish) & Atot have apparently split up, but are both still in Spain.
Ivana is supposedly still in Prague but always is away on the continent somewhere.
Jacques is moving to a flat of his own, rumour has it.
Jan is studying law in Germany.
Johnny has gone back to Ireland for a while to fix up his house.
Jussi is working at the C&B, and is a porn star, alegedly.
Lara is doing some teacher training stuff in Canada.
Linn is back in Sweden, running a bar and pregnant.
Lisa is back in the UK, but off on a world tour soon.
Lori is off in the US and a great photographer type. Buy her prints!
Michelle is still in Prague and unable to escape for a few months. Cleaning stuff & cutting hair.
Miriam is back in Norway, working with kids too (what is it with these Scandinavians?)
Natalie has disappeared off the face of the earth.
Russ is back in England, doing rubbish work. Gets to see the football, though.
Tim went back to Eire a few months back.
Vicky & Marcus are married, possibly, in Prague, maybe. Not too social of late.

…and nobody else comes to mind right now. If anyone has any comments, corrections, clarifications, omissions, etc, click here and I will endeavour to update.

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14 Responses to Whatever Happened To…?

  1. i feel like doing a southampton one but to be honest i’ve lost track of what everyon’es doing now. even people i lived with last year seem to have dropped off the face of the earth. nevermind.

    • I could colaborate with you. I know what some people are up to, the real old school types.

      • let me see:
        rollie is the most obvious, sam moved to basingstoke for a bit but might be in london now, i haven’t seen or heard anything about dan for six months or so, ollie is back at the mayflower apparently and has a ballerina girlfriend (and is still very much unliked), eddy goes on tour with ash a lot, ken and virginia are getting married eventually at some point, i see danny madskills ocassionally, jamie’s in london in a new band with kevin and jamie biggs got barred from goblets and is now missing and presumed dead.
        there might be more but i’m stuck for now.

        • update: went to goblets and jamie biggs appears to be reinstated. vicky and bally were there. bally said she recoginised me. funny that…

          • Hm well, let me see….
            Adam is in Thailand, I think, Amelia/Duncan/Charlie/John are in Brighton and possibly Steven & Simon too. Matt is a postman in Somerset, Tim is doing some proper work in Reading, Dennis just finished university and IS married, Gwen is working as some form of nurse or something, but moving to New Zealand next year….

            • i thought steven lived with patricia. i heard about dennis at glast. so many antics.

              • I thought they lived in Brigton together…. maybe.
                On second thoughs, I heard Simon was studying a music degree with a girlfriend or something.
                I’ll have to ask Charlie, she knows these thigs. She sent me some info back in May:
                “I’m working on the Source magazine part time with Amelia now. Just doing the listings but it is ok. Probably won’t be there for that long though cos I need to be a faster typist really. Jon has gone to Thailand and has met Adam out there. He will be back in a couple of weeks though. Duncan spoke to Simon on the phone the other day and he now eats red meat, has a girlfriend and is going to do a music composition course with her in Bath in Autumn.”

                • i can imagine duncan and simon not speaking for ages and then just having a conversation about what they do and don’t eat and then just hanging up. well i can’t but that’s a great factlet.

  2. hiredg00n says:

    I wish my friends were that interesting. :(

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi James!
    How are your my favourite James?
    Im not working with kids anymore (I dont like them:D), at the moment (summertime) I work in socialsecurity office and the work is not as boring as it might sounds..But very scandinavian indeed.
    I really really hope that I have money to come to Praha at august. And I hope, that there is still people who I know and also nice summer weather, because here is the worst summer ever. You can just imagine, cause summers here are not too hot normally eather. Now it has been raining 40 days out of 46 (our summer starts at 1.6 :)).
    So basically I havent seen sun much since I left Prague almost a year ago.
    Well anyway, enjoy summer there and have fun. Say hello to everybody how I know there!
    Hanna (with out H at the end James!;D)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well this is my first hello since I left what seems like ages ago. I recently found the sheet with everyone’s addresses and such on it, and am planning on sending something or other to the bar for kicks. Austin has one of my jackets too so I am looking to negotiate a box of treats for a cross-country clothing sendoff.
    Tell me about everything (well, when you have the chance, that is). I am working a dead-end job to make back the money I spent while traveling/living and enxiously awaiting getting back to Oregon to finish up with univeristy. We’ll see how that all transpires.
    I miss you and the whole life in Prague. Send my regards to folks if you see anyone and know that I always think of you and everyone and wish I was back having the time of my life.

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