I went to the beer garden last night to watch the game. All logic would indicate that the Czechs should have won. Team of the tournament, surely? But no. Last minute winner. I’ve never seen a thousand people be so quiet. A barman was the only one making a sound. He kicked a box as hard as he could.
After I went to Johnny’s gig at Nad Viktorku. Never been to there before and was surprised to find that the place was cavernous and labyrinthine inside. Downstairs, in the deserted cellar bar I found them playing and happily doubled the audience with my presence. I got some nice German-style Chinese sunglasses off him, in exchange for ‘Bowling For Columbine’ – I think I got a pretty good deal. My new style is ‘Kraftwerk on holiday.’
Then I got really really drunk. Thought I might as well.
My advertisement went into the local paper today, and I have already had one new student phone up. Sweet sweet freelance world awaits. Just have to hand in my last timesheet, that is if they deign to open the office at all.

What else? Marlon Brando is dead, apparently. Well, he was old.
And some interesting things I’ve seen today…
First this is a feature in the Guardian where celebs pick their least favorite films. Michael Winner for example picks Johnny Guitar, a truly amazing piece of film noir, each frame of which puts into shame his entire career. Nick Broomfield picks Kill Bill, a good film. Not Tarantino’s best, in my opinion, but still. A Guardian film critic picks The Piano which is a good film, Nicholas Shakespeare picks Blue Velvet, I could go on…
Obviously all of these are not the worst films ever made. Obviously this sort of pointless punditry is a disgrace to the paper I read. Oh look, the worst film ever made is this one that everyone rates because, ha ha, I’ve got this crazy opinion that’s going to take you all by surprise! Like, hey, Sgt Pepper is the worst album ever made! I read an article about how Dali was the worst artist of the 20th century last week. Why anyone would bother to write or publish such bullshit amazes me. Pundits are the worst form of scum, lower than advertising executives.
Second a new piece by Vonnegut, pretty good if a little unfocused. But he is getting on a bit.

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  1. hiredg00n says:

    That seems to happen a lot with some critics. They tend to just make radical claims and accusations just to get a rise out of the general public. Cause then you talk about it to your friends, then they go read his article, thereby increasing his audience. I say just get drunk and forget about it! Wheee! Time to celebrate our country’s independence by getting drunk and puking in the bushes! :D

  2. my least favourite film is probably “congo” because it is anti monkey propaganda. as is “outbreak” and possibly its sequel but i have seen neither.
    oh and that snoopy film that drags up horrid childhood memories and “the last unicorn” which does the same.

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