A restless sleep and a failed lie-in this morning, then I lay around for a bit, listening to the radio.
At 2.45 I was one minute late for the bus, with half an hour until the next one, so I counted down from ten in the vague belief that when I said ‘zero’ it would appear.
It did.
Continuing the luck, I also have some money at last. Fucking cool.

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  1. two buses passed me by today even when i waved them down. bastards.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi again. came to the realisation i might be seriously dependent on weed. haven’t had any for two weeks and it has been pretty horrible two weeks, mood swings: anger, frantic excitedness, frustration, etc., all within a couple of hours. doesn’t want to stop. i haven’t had these mood swings since i was in high school (secondary grammar school). anyway, i am getting some weed as soon as possible. the sources here are dry though. still hate saarbruecken. can’t come to prague for the summer, will be back in october. miss you all. jan.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have come to satisfy my body/mind’s cravings by ingesting copious amounts of cheap amphetamines and shit lager. Strangely.
      Look forward to seeing you all at Prague New Year 2005. How strange does that sound?

      • Anonymous says:

        okay,well the only craving i share with you is one for drink, (and happiness!)but i identify with you, jan and russ, cuz i think there’s alot of us from the zizkov massive crowd who are in places they don’t want to be. i am so looking forward to the christmas/new year’s reunion that i wish it was december now! i miss you both, and everyone else from the zizkov massive too! love,lara ( i should check this site more often, i didn’t realize you guys were all writing into it.)

  3. hellohello – I am a friend of thegroupie, who is a friend of poranila_se (who I don’t actually know); thegroupie recommended I ask poranila_se about Prague because she evidently once lived there. (I’m thinking of doing a TEFL course there this summer.) Poranila_se highly recommended Prague in general, but said that lj user weejay had actually done a TEFL there and I should ask him about it. So! I found your journal and was wondering if you might tell me which school/program you did, and how you liked it? Any info would be very helpful :) Thank you!! -Liisa

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