An actual office lesson draws my laughable ‘working’ week to a close. Now a loose end… I think I’ll start going to some beer gardens for the next few days. Hmm.
The guy two computers away is looking up naked men and arranging to meet them. The guy next to me keeps peering over to look at my screen. Fuck off! Nothing to see here!

PS – one more guest expected soon, this one:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hi, long time no talk. i was dreaming about new zealand this morning for some reason. i dreamt i got washed off to the shore of what was obviously new zealand after my ship sank. then all i could think of was visiting hamish and bea but i didn’t know which town was closer – christchurch or wellington? weird…
    song for today: jane’s addiction, the riches
    miss prague a lot, saarbruecken sucks.

  2. shake_some says:

    you sound cool
    be my friend?

  3. top_plant says:

    just to let you know i have friended you RIGHT UP. peace…

  4. Anonymous says:

    i’ve seen this girl-who is it again? don’t know that i ever met her,but definitely saw her at blind eye. a place i wish i was at now! lara

    • No, you really have never seen her, first time in Prague and all.

      • Anonymous says:

        james-could it be that you had a picture of her in your room in the zizkov massive household and i saw it there at christmas? is she a friend of yours from england? i am determined to solve this mystery-because i’ve seen either the girl or the picture before, i think. lara

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