So, that was the first week of sudden and unexpected poverty. I spent 200 crowns, roughly four quid, the whole week. And one of the economies is writing all my e-mails / this at home. So I am actually listening to some music now, though now is last night.
But really who gives a shit? Why am I telling you this? Bah.
This weeks contestant to leave the Blind Eye house was Lisa, off to Manchester. We saw her off at the airport after going round the bizarre house where she was staying and eating a stupid amount of cheese. There was a little leaving meal round the flat too, where I learned of Max’s website idea, online now and the greatest idea since something. is the address. I will soon be an applicant, so give me some mon. Please.
Took some hard rave drugs last night and stayed up copying this girls CDs. New Aphex and Chicks on Speed. Both are classy. The Slowdive album is a bit disappointing.
I will now return to finding a job.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Me again
    Slowdive have a couple of good tracks but otherwise meh. If you want to hear it done properly get Flying Saucer Attack, which I like but others have called ‘did you leave the hoover on in your bedroom Dan?’ music.

  2. rubysurprise says:

    do you remember my website idea? “guess whose back?” based on the eminem song. would have been ace frehley.

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