Film Diary – October 2011

The films we watched in October 2011. Not so many this month.

Ed Wood (USA 1994)

J – Still not bad, but nothing near as special as I remembered it being
V – Didn’t really like it, maybe I don’t know enough about the background to the story.

Persepolis (France 2007)

J – Great stuff. More good quality non-superhero-based adult animation, please!
V – I don’t know if Iran is like China, but I can empathise with an open-minded girl in a restrictive country.

The Blue Kite (China 1993)

J – Another close examination of the scars of the cultural revolution, but more naturalistic than To Live. Shocking, as it needs to be.
V – It’s good to be reminded of old China – a place nowhere near as happy as the China on CCTV.

Sideways (USA 2004)

J – Chosen as V wanted something “in the countryside” and I couldn’t find anything else. First two acts are just ok, third act is a magnificent turn-around.
V – The last part was good, yes. More importantly it made me interested in wine for the first time.

The Addams Family (USA 1991)

J – 11-year-old James’s favourite film, watched on Halloween for nostalgia purposes. Still great costumes, performances, sets, photography. Still a stupid plot. Still don’t mind.
V – I agree with James. A strange family but nice enough – maybe we can try this lifestyle later.

Don’t Look Now (UK 1973)

J – On the fifth or so viewing there’s still something very strange about it. Did people actually make this film or did it just manifest itself from the spirit world? I wish I could say this about any modern film.
V – Genuinely produced the feeling that mysterious spiritual forces were real and present. Admirable writing.

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1 Response to Film Diary – October 2011

  1. Kat says:

    “A strange family but nice enough – maybe we can try this lifestyle later.” loved that bit.

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