I came into school on Saturday, started feeling ill, came home and lay in bed for two days cold-sweating and lacking the ability to eat or (largely) move. When It didn’t give me a headache I was able to watch some TV. Otherwise I slept, fitfully.
On Sunday I was taken to the hospital and given some medicine. It was a struggle to get there and while we were inside a monsoon-link thunderstorm began, and continued over the next day.
Today I feel almost better, and might even teach tonight – I’ll see how it goes. Still, on the downside I have to move out of my flat tomorrow and have nowhere to go. Will be able to find somewhere fairly soon, I’m fairly sure, but the stress is going to be something else. Brent is getting a place with Samantha, everyone else is sorted out for flats now, and it’s a month or more until the next turnaround of teachers.
Stay tuned for less negative blogging.

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