On Friday night it was so hot I could hardly breathe and getting to sleep proved to be entirely impossible. As I lay there listening to relaxing spoken word audio files I could feel my heart beating intensely. Every now and again the rate doubled and I had to get out of bed and walk around. My body seemed to be having a panic attack and I had to stop my brain from getting involved. Finally I managed to get an hour’s sleep before I had to get up, force a cup of tea and a slice of bread down my throat and go into school.
The caffeine buzz lasted about 20 minutes, then I crashed just as I was due to go into class and had to start three minutes early. After managing to get out of the toilet into class the kids carried out some activities and I sat down sweating and trying not to be sick for a few hours.
Managed to get a fair amount of sleep on Saturday night due to tiredness and gave myself an easy day by preparing tests and wordsearches. Still, it’s Monday and I can still feel my heart pounding. It doesn’t bother me particularly and isn’t painful, but the worry of what it may mean is driving me crazy. I know I have something called ‘Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome’ and have read about it on the internet. On the one hand it’s a pretty common thing and entirely fixable. On the other it’s a contributory factor to a number of unpleasant things with heart attacks and sudden death. This is what is keeping me awake now.
Going to the hospital tomorrow morning to have myself properly checked out, re-assured and medicated. Wish me luck.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good luck mate.
    It’ll be fiiiine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi weejay, did you send me an email telling me your coming to thailand? when? can you send me some dates? also, how does china compare to prague? ive been thinking of moving on – would you recommend it? the way your website makes it sound, i seems like a student type lifestyle.

    • I did, was going to come next week but too late now, going to Manila instead, booked the tickets a few days back – will come along a bit later in the year now if you’re still there. will send you another e about prague.

  3. seawaif says:

    It seemed so wrong that it had to be right ,so I just had to take the chance and add you.

    • Sure. You live in Hereford?

      • seawaif says:

        Yep that’s right.I’m studying up at the art college.

        • That’s where I’m from. The general area at least. My dad still lives nearby.

          • seawaif says:

            Cool.I’m originally from South Wales.I moved to Hereford last october,I’ve got a little flat quite near the race course.I suppose Hereford isn’t so great for night life etc,but in general i’m liking the place lot’s so far.

            • Not great for nightlife, too many farmers and SAS types in the pubs. Good for charity shopping and suprisingly good arts stuff, though. Don’t think I could stick it living there right now, maybe when I want to settle down. The courtyard is nice though, and Hay-On-Wye to go to every summer. Then there’s the countryside, very nice little hills with apple trees, etc.

              • seawaif says:

                Hehe I know what you mean about the pubs.There is some cool arts related stuff though.Yeah the courtyard is fab and there is also some great veggie food here.
                And the beautiful countryside more than makes up for everything.
                Now that summers almost here I’m really looking forward to jumping in the car and going on little adventures!.

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