I’ve been teaching an adult “business” class in the evenings and loving it. It’s like a little party where everyone has fun and I tell them all what to do and get paid for it. If I could do this all the time the novelty would probably wear off.
Also this week we moved flat, from a shitty place on the 7th floor to a slightly smaller luxury place on the 20th. Another easy move this one, took three trips in the lift to transport my possessions. This new home is probably the second best flat I’ve ever had, with by far the best view. I’ll post some pictures when I figure out how. My flatmate Brent’s girlfriend Samantha from the Philippines arrived two days back so it’s the three of us now. I thought I’d have one last night in the shithole and woke up with a massively swollen eyelid, having been bitten by some form of local insect. The swelling has subsided over the last two days without anything more than bite cream. Everyone was trying to get me to go to the hospital but I thought it was unneccessary and it looks like I was right. Some of my adult students told the front desk staff to take care of me which is sweet of them but a little annoying too.

Also I have to confess I genuinely enjoy reading this kind of thing. Still.

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