A fairly alright weekend, to make up for all the recent ones I’ve spent dozing, and all thanks to some sleeping pills called ‘Zopiclone’ which meant I had a proper Friday Night’s kip, for a change.
Work on Saturday was tiring, but better than in the week as it’s a bit more social working on a Saturday somehow. Took a call from some old lady at 7.30am which continued until nearly 8.15 and had to get myself out of going for a drink with her in the Grand Hotel. “Have A Nice Life” she said at the end.
Went home for some food and a shower then went out to Duncan & Amelia’s place to set out for a night in town. Walked for ages to get to the Sidewinder and sat outside, joined by John, Marcus, Duncan’s sister and her friend, Amelia having to walk round and take photos of people for the magazine. Not a bad place really, some guy even called the barmaid over so she could serve me before him. Very polite indeed. At closing time we went off to the Pav Tav, Brighton’s equivalent of Rhinos in Southampton, i.e. a dingy indie club, but obviously playing better music as it is Brighton. Bumped into Charlie & Rich who were both very drunk indeed, then sat around, drank, talked and didn’t dance. Tim and Iso arrived too, meaning that pretty much everyone who could be there was.
We all walked back across the Pavilion gardens where some guy was lying on a bench with a bleeding head, down the road where some joyriders tried to run us over and to D&A’s house, where we had a smoke and some pizza. I walked home at 4am and didn’t get murdered.
Sunday I woke up at 2pm and went downstairs to find a French guy looking around and that Ramon is moving out of the house to go back to Spain immediately. Quite a surprise. Apparently his mother has a tumour and he has to go back to see her. I’d like to have some choice in the new housemate, but really can’t be bothered. For the evening I went round to Duncan & Amelia’s again and we watched North By Northwest with Rich , Charlie & Duncan’s sister.
As for today, haven’t done much with my bank holiday really except vaguely try to organise my newly acquired music. Then gave up and watched a Vivian Stanshall documentary.

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  1. mind_at_war says:

    sounds like a fun-filled weekend.
    what newly acquired music do you have?

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