Today is my first proper hangover for a month and it is fantastic. Just a hangover, not almost dead, which is an improvement of quite a magnitude.
The reason for drinking last night was the return of Lisa, who I didn’t even recognise for a few seconds face-on, she has changed so much in 6 months. She now looks just like Lisa Loeb which is mighty freaky. I’m off now to help her look for a bag – she’s off to Russia next week, then every other country in the world, it seems. For a year. Jan should be back soon too, we can have ourselves a little reunion. Of sorts.
I just got an e-mail from some American god-botherers from my Tefl course. They said a lot of things but signed off with;

“That brings us to the final part of this note, how you can pray for us:
1) Finding a community to be part of– people to disciple and be
2) Being good teachers.
3) Discerning what the next step in our lives is….”

I am trying not to vomit.

Update: Just set up the Lisa Journal so she doesn’t have to send out the dreaded group e-mails on her trip round the world. Check.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i am going to be in the blind eye/clown and bard thursday night. see you all there! jan

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