Went out to a small town a way outside Prague to pay a brief visit to Chelsea & Petra in their cottage yesterday. It was alright – we walked for about a week before getting to a school-hall style bar where youths played table tennis. It was alright, but the party had been the previous night, hence the hangover-fest. To get back to the cottage we had to wade across a weir in the pitch black, the last bit was almost a swim. But we survived.
Today I had some soup and started the journey back. It was a pain. Today is Bob’s birthday, though, so much more drinking for sure.

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  1. alissalouise says:

    hi, i saw you in the warp community and i think that the way you did your userinfo is really cool.

  2. hiredg00n says:

    I’m beginning to notice a pattern to your entries…
    Did this today, drank some beer… Then we did this… Then drank some more beer. Went to the bar today to drink some beer, then we drank some beer.
    I wish I lived in Prague. :(

    • Drinking beer…. yeah, true, it is all I do. Except the stuff in between. But at the time of writing it has been nearly two days since my last one, so maybe not.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey, some chick at riotpix.com mentioned your journal in my guestbook, so i thought i’d check it out.
    very nice! i like it :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    happy birthday bob and james!
    god i must have psychic powers or something. i never check the website and when i do its always someones birthday. well i hope u got suitably intoxicated for the occasion. sure u did. 4 weeks to go till my trip!! and thats really all there is to say. and bollox to livin at home the 20 year old i took home the other week has turned me into a horny teenager i swear, (sometimes i forget this journal is live.) its a good job i don’t have my own. anyways see u all soon. ps do u know anyone with free or cheap floor/ sofa. maybe i can bribe them with bacon? lisa xx am generally happy and hyper then again i did down a pitcher of vodka red bull in about 40 mins on sat. byee kids

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