It’s been a good couple of days. I’ve been attempting to mess around with various women, notably some younger English girl from the next county to me. Don’t think that’s going anywhere particularly, since she leaves tomorrow and I don’t even have a house to take her to.
Things may be about to change, though. I just met a guy called Martin who wants me to move into his spare room on the outskirts and teach him English twice a week, paying the nominal rent of 2500 a month. Sweet deal.
In the meantime though, last night was another on a friends sofa. Much like Hamish I am starting to get used to this vaguely ridiculous lifestyle, though he is escaping the game too, and in a similar fashion. Maybe this is one of the great shifts in Prague circles, moving out of Zizkov and all.
Many people are leaving Prague entirely now, too. This weekend is going to be a long farewell party for Russ, who returns to the UK on Tuesday. Without him here I don’t have any English friends anymore, I may even start adopting words like “washroom” and “zuccini.” I already say “Foozball,” just for convenience sake. Who gives a shit, though, really?

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  1. poranila_se says:

    another word for zuccini is ?

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