Tired, still sick and still homeless.
However, winter has ended all of a sudden and the surprise choice of substitute season has turned out to be summer. So I am well chuffed. The staff in the park are clearing the leaves off the tables, ready to reopen the gigantic beer garden again. This means that it will rain tomorrow. Probably. We have been sitting on benches doing fuck all instead of sitting in cafes in old town doing fuck all, so a dramatic change of lifestyle has taken place. Russ just bought a football too, so we took it to the park and watched him and Tim play against some twelve-year-old kids for a bit, then got some chips and went to the clown and bard instead.
There are supposed to be 30 Danish girls arriving there tonight, but latest reports suggest that this may not be true. I will go along anyway and hang around in the bar, right now in fact, in the spirit of hope.

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