Parkview Green (芳草地) = weird shopping centre

In late April, when it was still basically winter, we wandered by a shopping centre in Beijing and went inside on a whim. Normally this is a recipe for tedium, but fortunately this time there was a wealth of bizarre, often hideous artwork to keep me amused. Two months later, I’ve found the photos lurking on a USB, so here they are.

At the entrance there were some distressing stone wolves. M was fairly nonplussed.

Stone Wof

Downstairs there was a giant bull pinning a satyr to the wall with the force of his explosive fart. V & M watched from the London phonebox below.

Not Sure

M found some Xiaolongbao, but they were made of plaster and not as tasty as expected.

Not Actually Xiaolongbao

M appears not to have inherited his father’s cynophobia. At least not as far as giant cartoon dogs are concerned.

Big Dog

And to finish things off, here’s the pig woman inside the revolving doors.

Pig Door Woman

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1 Response to Parkview Green (芳草地) = weird shopping centre

  1. Hillarious! Looks like a modern art gallery rather than a shopping centre but there you go!

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