Things in China – Fire precaution notices.

Not that remarkable, maybe, but look at the guy’s face – he’s absolutely terrified.

Which is realistic, I suppose.



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Things in China – KFC’s new breakfast offering.

Sweetcorn embedded in minced pork. Surely it can’t only be me that thinks this looks like a poo in a bap?


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Things in China – Advertisment for cosmetic surgery outside an actual hospital during the world cup

If you can read Chinese you’ll get the pun, though to be honest that doesn’t really make it any better.


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Things in China – “Resist the British Street”

resist the british street

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Things in China – Toy chainsaws for toddlers

toy chainsaws

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Portugal in the Pop World Cup 2014

My career as a Pop World Cup manager (the link should explain what this is) was cut short this week as I failed to claw my way out of the infamous Group of Death. In hindsight I should’ve realised further ramping up was needed in the final round, but I wanted to save my higher-potential tracks for later on. No room for hubris in the GoD.

Anyway, it’s been an interesting couple of months listening to Portuguese music from the last four years, and rather than just forget about the tracks I’ve found, I’ve made a mix to share them. Admittedly winning the thing was probably never going to happen, but there’s still plenty of good stuff to take away. See if you can guess which track I had planned for the final, in the unlikely event that I reached it.

Here’s the link to the mix – Portugal in the Pop World Cup 2014

And here’s what you can find on there:

Moullinex – Sunflare
Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover (Bababa)
Orelha Negra – We’re Superfly
Gala Drop – Rauze
DJ Oder – Robot Talk
Mazgani – Distant Gardens
Fast Eddie Nelson – Dry Water
Samuel Úria – Forasteiro
You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown – Over The Sun/Under The Water
Paus – Pelo Pulso
Moullinex – Sunflare (Club Mix)

…meanwhile, the PWC continues over at Freakytrigger.

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Equally Divided Europe

UPDATE: This is a new version (8th September 2014) – six country names have been changed and one capital has been moved. I think it’s probably still not finished, though – so please feel free to share any ideas about how it should be changed.

Last year there was a brief craze for maps of parts of the world divided into parts with roughly equal population. The best was a map of the 50 US states, which was partially intended as a proposal for electoral college reform. European versions so far keep the basic concept, but lack character. What I wanted to find was a version that at least tried to draw lines related to language, history and culture – one that at least had properly thought-through names and was worth more than an odd glance.

I couldn’t find one, so I decided to make one.

First I went to the Wikipedia page for Europe, took the population of Europe – 739,165,030 – the number of countries – 50 – and divided to get 14,783,300. Then I set to working on dividing up the land into chunks of approximately that amount. I thought it would take a few hours, but now it’s six months later and I’m still not sure if it’s done. I wasn’t working on it the vast majority of that time, of course, but have kept returning to it.

A few points before we get to it:

1. I can imagine that this will make some people very annoyed, so just to reassure everyone – this is in no way an actual proposal, and if it was carried out it may well lead to some of the bloodiest wars in history.
2. The original is based on an algorithm. Unfortunately this kind of uniform regional population data is unavailable for Europe, and I wouldn’t know how to start even if I had it. Population is therefore taken from Wikipedia, and should be treated with a pinch of salt.
3. It’s not really finished, and there are some bits I’m not happy with at all, but have no idea how to fix right now. So please leave me some feedback if you have any ideas on how to change it.
4. I really have no time to explain all the names, but it’s not hard to find out where any of them come from.

So, here it is. Click for big.

Equal Europe 1.6w

…and the details. This is just here to answer any easier questions about what’s made of what. Once again, click for legible.

Equal Europe - Key 1.6

Any comments / input are very welcome. Updates may be slow though.

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